Dental Sedation Services in Port Hawkesbury

Relax through your next appointment with our range of sedation dentistry options for anxious patients offered at Port Hawkesbury Dental Group.

Do you get nervous about visiting the dentist?

At Port Hawkesbury Dental Group, we understand that for some of our patients a visit to the dentist can cause a little anxiety.

For some, it's the thought of getting an injection, for others, it's post-operative discomfort. Whatever the reason, our kind and caring team are ready to listen closely and help you through your appointment. The good news is, we've seen patients relax over time to a point where they actually look forward to their appointments!

We Help Anxious Patients Relax


We're all a little guilty of it – being a little afraid to try new things. That's why at Port Hawkesbury Dental Group, our team and doctors will ensure that you are fully aware of a procedure before we perform it.

A Previous Bad Dental Experience

Sometimes the effect of a bad experience can stay with us a lot longer than we'd like to admit. Sometimes that experience overwhelms you by simply entering a dental office. Please let our team know if you've ever had a bad experience – a big part of our job is to make you feel safe and comfortable in our care.

Starting Only When You Are Ready

Fear of the needle – that's the biggest culprit. We hear this from our most anxious patients time and again. So, to put that fear to rest, we'll give you a topical treatment to ensure that your gums are well frozen before we administer the needle. This will avoid any pain during treatment and you won't feel the injection.

Just let us know when you are ready and we will walk you through the procedure slowly. If at any time during your procedure you would like us to stop, just raise your hand or give us a signal and we won't begin again until you are ready.

Dental Sedation in Port Hawkesbury

We'll consult to ensure that you are a candidate for sedation. Almost all patients in good general health are.

Our sedation specialists ensure that you're in good hands at all times and will determine the sedation option that's right for you. Options vary depending on the type of treatment being done.

Oral Sedation – We'll administer an oral sedative upon your arrival – rest assured you'll feel calm and relaxed within a few minutes.

Since the oral sedative causes drowsiness, we recommend that you bring someone along to the appointment that can drive you home safely.

Conscious Sedation – We recommend conscious sedation for patients who want to remain awake but feel completely relaxed during a given procedure. Conscious Sedation enables a patient to participate in their treatment.

Oftentimes this really amounts to your dental team asking if you're okay during the procedure.

Needless to say, during any procedure where we administer a sedative, we'll monitor your vital signs including your blood pressure and breathing rate throughout the entire procedure.

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