Dental Implants in Port Hawkesbury

The Port Hawkesbury Dental Group team offer Dental Implant services to offer patients a long-term solution to fill their smiles.

Dental Implants in Port Hawkesbury: What are they?

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a false tooth that is permanently secured to the jaw. A small titanium rod will be fixed into the jawbone, and once the jawbone has adhered to the structure, a false tooth will be attached to it.

If you’re a candidate for dental implants, you can count on your team at Port Hawkesbury Dental Group to ensure your new smile shines bright!

Top 5 Reasons Patients Choose Dental Implants in Port Hawkesbury

They Look Real – Only you’ll know they’re not your own teeth.

They Last – Dental implants are a long-term solution.

They Won't Slip – You can eat and speak without any awkward slips or noise.

They’re Comfortable – Dental implants fit and feel like your own teeth.

They Stop Bone Loss – Because dental implants simulate tooth roots they keep the jaw bone strong.

Dental Implants Services in Port Hawkesbury

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